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To Be Better Than We Are

To some, the mountain

paths seem to offer

only lonely and frightening adventures.

To others, these high scaffolds 

in the sky  lead to views of spectacular beauty,

while offering the solitude necessary

to reflect a little about ourselves.

To me, it is not enough to say "we are done"

at the end of our day because we can then

begin to experience the great majesty

of Nature's handiwork embodied in the

towering summits above us.

If we can survive the struggle

necessary to gain the strong heights,

the lesson to be found will be clear enough.

No matter what befalls stone and flesh,

the meaning of Nature remains unchanging...

Nature's ways will endure, 

they serve our better half,

working the weaker part

toward a common goal;

that mankind can always be better

than it is when the struggle to gain

these heights is undertaken and won.

An inner peace to live by,

all the good Nature offers...

such can be found in but a single footstep.

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