Mountain Airs - tjimages

Original compositions written by Tom over the years:

I Know

I have seen the blue of the sky


to meet the darkness of space and the

domain of the stars.

I have listened to the laughter of the wind


but only for an instant upon my ears,

then fleeing from my thoughts.

I have felt the solid rock beneath my hands,

like a gentle handshake

revealing little of its nature and 


In these ways have I known the mountain,

and in return,



A Gift

Thoughts for a summer's day,

dreams for a winter's night.

Unspoken words and unseen figures

discerning as I might

their shape, their reason.t

To hear, to see,

their form on paper

as they come to me.

I send them to all of you

with the utmost care,

to make your days

always bright and fair.

May you keep them in your hearts

forever and ever,

these thoughts for each of you,

may you give to the other.



A snowflake's kiss upon

the quiet shadows

blends itself upon the

early winter twilight,

while gentle the ground

is embraced by

a white negligee

of loveliness, to stay

the night

and by loved by the moon's gentle light.


In Nature

Time forever travels onward

and we are swept along with it,

marching to its pace

as unwilling captors.

But there are times

when we can leave it behind.

These are the good times,

when our soul wanders free

with an unchained spirit,

and we glimpse ourselves -

forever shadows,

always just beyond our reach

but never understanding.

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